The Billionaire Smokejumper

The Billionaire Smokejumper
The Billionaire Smokejumper
Escape to Sun Valley
Rating: 4.6 star rating4.6 star rating4.6 star rating4.6 star rating4.6 star rating 183 reviews
By: Sarah Gay
Release Date: Dec. 28, 2020
Page Count: 126
Series: Grant Brothers Romance (Book 3)
Genres: Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy, Christian Romance

Mariah Larkin is living her childhood dream of hitting sunny beaches on the weekends with her doting boyfriend. When she loses both her job and her boyfriend in the same week, she's forced to think about the reality of moving back in with her parents in rural Idaho.

On a weekend excursion in Sun Valley, she meets Levi Grant, a smokejumper who not only dives from airplanes into the center of forest fires, but also knows her darkest secrets, secrets that even she hasn't uncovered. With his help, she conquers not only the Grand Canyon, but her own insecurities. Will discovering Mariah's true identity bring them closer together or cause her to resent Levi for knowing the truth and keeping it from her?

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