Love by Christmas

Love by Christmas
Love by Christmas
Rating: 32 reviews
By: Sarah Gay
Release Date: Nov. 21, 2018
Format: Kindle
Genre: Sweet Romance

When Maci Bell, a first-grade teacher at Park City Prep, steps outside her school to give a disrespectful firefighter a piece of her mind, sparks fly. She takes a chance and kisses him, only to be rejected. The universe mocks her pain by making him her room mom.

Garrett Macey, fire captain at Park City Fire Department, receives bad news and loses his cool in his daughter’s school parking lot. When a pretty teacher calls him out on his unbecoming behavior, he is pulled in by her charm, but with his heart ripped to shreds, the only thing he has to offer his daughter’s teacher is his time as her volunteer.

When a little old lady shows up at Garrett’s fire station with a Christmas wish for him to find love by Christmas, Garrett wants to believe that Christmas magic is real. With renewed faith, he reaches out to Maci Bell, hoping he hasn’t lost his chance with her. Will Christmas magic bring love to the fire captain by Christmas?

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