Chronology and Timeline of My Books

10 Years of Family Romance...

These romances begin on the appointed year. Many timelines overlap. It is a representation of when the main love story occurs; prologues and epilogues can be set years before and after.

Grant, Moore, Terrence, and Jones Family Romances in Chronological Order:

Year 0

  1. The Gifted Groom: Max Moore and Rosemary White
  2. The Protective Patriot: Miles Moore and Tessa Stevens
  3. First Glance: Paxton Terrence and Annie

Year 1

  1. The Patient Patriot: Max Moore and Anya McCarthy
  2. Second Chance: Zee Terrence and Tori

Year 2

  1. Third Time’s a Charm: Meri Belle Terrence and Calloway

Year 4

  1. Four Loves: Kai Terrence and Ariana Armstrong

Year 7

  1. Her Reluctant Boss: Simon Grant and Hannah Fields
  2. The Billionaire Patriot: Nathan Grant and Millie Moore

Year 8

  1. Finding Her Cowboy: Jack Jones and Becca Foley

Year 9

  1. Forgiving Her Chef: Rob Jones and Kara Kelly

Year 10

  1. Saving Her Football Star: Wyatt Jones and Mazy Moore