Twisted Timber Photos

Twisted Timber

Based on a true story, Twisted Timber is an emotionally gripping tale. It is set in Marietta, Georgia in 1954 at the cusp of a new civil rights movement. The reader is further transported back in time to war-torn Germany during the devastation of World War II.

This following are photos of the characters represented in the book Twisted Timber.

To the heroine, AnnaMariea (Hannah) - We all love and miss you. Thank you for your optimistic, determined and industrious nature. You brought sunshine to many, and now the story of your family’s resilience will bring hope and light to many others.

AnnaMariea (age 5)

With her mother, Maria Emilie Spinngruber Opfermann

Eschbach, Germany, 1938

Opfermann Children

Strasbourg, France, 1942

Top: Inge and Henning

Bottom: AnnaMariea (age 9), Elke, and Gigi

Emigrating from Germany to the United States

On the cargo ship Henriette Schulte

August, 1953

Left to right: AnnaMariea, Elke, Gigi, Henning, Maria Emilie Opfermann (Mutti)

AnnaMariea Rose Opfermann (age 19)

Marietta, Georgia, 1953

Elke Margarete Opfermann

Marietta, Georgia, 1961 (age 21)

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