Twisted Timber


Based on a true story, Twisted Timber is an emotionally gripping tale. It is set in Marietta, Georgia in 1954 at the cusp of a new civil rights movement. The reader is further transported back in time to war-torn Germany during the devastation of World War II.

In 1954, Hannah is a young adult searching for answers. She came to America with stars in her eyes. No more war. No more injustice. No more Hitler, the malevolent man whom she had adored; the national hero who would sit and speak with her gently. Although her physical disability is obvious, Hannah is not going to let it stonewall her chance at a new life. With the unfamiliar, warm, undemanding Southern culture contrasting her own, she finds herself confused about her own identity. To complicate matters, she is confronted with something which causes her memories to enslave her mind with devastating flashbacks.

Hannah’s head is turned in the direction of an art gallery owner. He possesses an item which will send her on a quest to find a long lost royal ancestor who may have the answers she is seeking.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer research.


How to Train a Husband (Kisses & Commitment)


Annie, a successful romance author, has a deadline to keep. Jilted in love, she decides to train an unsuspecting and adorable beau to be her perfect mate, utilizing standard doggy training techniques. What Annie doesn’t expect is the growing attraction she feels for Paxton, a retired Navy SEAL.

With the help of a professional trainer, Annie works to certify her own puppy, an undisciplined Yorkshire Terrier, to become a therapy dog. With the knowledge she gleans from his training, she hopes to succeed in training the perfect husband.

Can Annie train the perfect mate?

How to Catch a Kiss (Kisses & Commitment)


Humor is the best medicine. Sarah Gay applies humor and romance delightfully in this blush-free romantic comedy. Tori finds herself in the worst position possible. She becomes a widow in her early thirties. She is left to raise her young son alone and has no intention of ever marrying again. Zee, a documentary film producer, is an unexpected diversion. He too has had his share of loss. Their undeniable attraction for one another and mutual love for humanity brings them together to experience unforgettable and humorous first adventures.

The Forbidden Groom (Texas Titan Romances)


Cole isn’t looking for love. In fact, it’s forbidden by his PR firm and agent until a new contract can be negotiated with the Texas Titans. His resolve is tested when he lays eyes on Maggie, the spunky caterer. Ever since she caught him from falling, he can’t seem to stop himself from falling for her.
Maggie, a Park City Firefighter, needs a change of scenery. When an offer comes in to possibly take over a successful event planning business in sunny Dallas, Texas, she jumps at it. After a group of NFL players crash her first event, Maggie’s amazing opportunity fizzles. Cole, the handsome football player has ruined her employment prospects and wounded her pride. She may find the true love she has always dreamed of if she can forgive him.

The Spark of a Kiss (Park City Firefighter Romance: Station 2)


Julia, a witty and independent public defense attorney, doesn’t need a man—but she does need to secure a boyfriend by her twenty-eighth birthday to keep her mother from setting her up, if only for that day. She has her eyes set on February, the gorgeous firefighter from the benefit calendar on her wall. Unfortunately, when Julia meets Dax, AKA February, and sparks fly, she learns he’s a self-proclaimed bachelor.

Dax, a Park City firefighter, is living his childhood dream of being a local hero. Masking his abandonment issues with surface romantic relationships, he finds himself conflicted when he meets Julia and sparks fly, but she won’t date him. His determination solidifies when he finds that Julia has a stalker. How do you protect and care for someone who wants to go at life alone? Dax is determined to figure it out, and that may mean a trip to Brazil to come to terms with his past.

The Storybook Groom (Texas Titan Romances)


Adrenaline meets passion in this contemporary sports romance.

Torin, a pro-football player, can’t understand why Ginny, the copper-haired beauty who drove him home from the airport, won’t give him her phone number. He sets out on a quest to impress the girl, but he needs to locate her first.

Little does Torin Godfrey know that Ginny is on her own mission. She enlists the unsuspecting NFL player to assist her, but she soon finds herself vulnerable in Torin’s strong yet peaceful arms- a potentially lethal position for them both. Will her attraction to the handsome football player cost her more than her career? Or could their missions end in a romance fit for a storybook?